All set.


All aboard

Here we are. The three girls ready for the first flight. Layla with an ingenious solution to oversize headphones. We are all very excited. I am looking forward to a curry breakfast. Rona is looking forward to seeing her friends. Betsy is looking forward to climbing mountains. Tilly is looking forward to pushing me in a pool. Layla is looking forward to everything.

24 hours to go

Rucksacks all over the place. Pants desperately drying. Passports? Tickets? Visas? Rupees? Nepalese or Indian… both!

In 24┬áhours we’ll all be boarding a plane to fly to Kathmandu.

The start of a big adventure a journey that fulfils a little promise, offers thanks to all those who have given help, and will change some young minds and perhaps lives forever.